Our Process

Through our high pressure processing system, we offer the freshest juices in stores – with no preservatives or added chemicals.

It’s All About the Plants

We start with fruits and vegetables – a lot. Our local farmers provide us about 35,000 kg of fruits and vegetables for our juices.

The Heat is Off

We only use cold water in our juice extraction. We don’t add any heat at any point because heat oxidizes the juices, which kills the good enzymes and nutrients.

We Prefer High Pressure

Our juices are placed in a hyperbaric chamber at 87,000 PSI (that’s about 10x as deep as the Mariana Trench). This kills the bacteria and pathogens you find in other juices.

The Result: All Clean

Once the pressurization is done, you have Well: completely pure juice with the vitamins, minerals and live enzymes still present and ready to help you be healthy.