Well is Canada’s only nationally distributed, fully integrated Cold Pressed Juice and superfood lemonade Company. With a mandate of making fresh healthy beverages available to the masses, Well is executing on an aggressive strategy to be on the shelf of every major retailer in Canada. Well is the only manufacturer in the country that owns and operates HPP technology at its facility, which when deployed immediately after the fresh juices are pressed, locks in the freshness and provides for the safest raw products available and the longest shelf life in the industry, by far. This process is referred to as Cold Pressure verified! No one else can match our freshness!


Well also maintains an active product development program ensuring that we are meeting retailer demands and always staying on trend with new products and concepts. Look for new Well products at your favorite retailer every few months! With a significant strategic partner guiding the business, Well has the tools, resources and relationships to execute its plans and continue to launch both branded and private label programs throughout Canada. It’s possible that you have already had a Well product under the label of a Canadian retailer or restaurant chain.


All Well beverages are Cold Pressure Verified using the most advanced technologies in the industry combined with the very best Canadian made bottles to ensure the beverages remain as fresh and tasty at the time of consumption as when they were produced. The FDA in the US has made it mandatory for all fresh pressed/raw juice products sold at retail to be Cold Pressure Verified for health and safety reasons. In our opinion, other methods deployed by Canadian juicers to try and prolong their shelf life, whether by radiating the juice, pasteurizing or other means are either unsafe or the nutritional values are severely impacted by the introduction of heat into the manufacturing process. Look for Well branded products at a better retail near you! We promise you the best tasting beverages at affordable prices!