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Frequently Asked Questions

Cold pressed is a process where our juicing machine extracts juice from fruits and vegetables without using any heat. Compared to other juicing processes, cold-pressed juice is by far the best. It gives you the most amount of juice with the most amount of nutrients and vitamins. 

It’s short for High Pressure Processing. Our juices are placed in a hyperbaric chamber at 87,000 PSI (that’s about 10x as deep as the Mariana Trench). This kills the bacteria and pathogens you find in other juices and keeps our natural ingredients as fresh as possible for as long as possible. 

It’s what all-natural juices do. They separate. Vitamins and minerals are heavier than water and our juices are packed with all the good stuff. When the juice sets, the water rises to the top. All you gotta do is give it a good shake before you drink!

Well is an FDA licensed facility and BRC Certified - we are a “AA” rated facility! 

We have a best before date etched into every bottle. We endeavor to get you the freshest juice possible. 

We recommend you store our juices in the fridge between 0-4 Celsius. Keep it cold, drink it cold.  

We don’t advise that you freeze the juices. 

You can find us at most major retailers across Canada! Please check “store locator” on our website.

Unfortunately, we do not.