Be Well: The Beauty Juice

Be Well: The Beauty Juice

Cold pressed juices don't just help you feel good, they also help you look good. Dubbed the beauty juice by one of our customers, our Be well is the go to for those who want to tame their acne, decrease fine lines, have shiny hair, beautiful nails, flatten their tummy and improve their sex life. Yes this bottle of juice can do all this. So let's break down this beautifying juice to see why it's so effective at helping you look your best from the inside out.


Because apples have the highest content of collagen and elastic, apples not only brighten and soothe your skin but they also keep your skin looking youthful.  Apples also eliminate fine line and wrinkles.  The UVB defending particles found in apples provides extra protection from the sun thus protecting your skin from sun damage. Another great benefit in apple juice is that it flushes out toxins and waste products from the body. This is due to its alkaline, which also is good at maintaining the pH level of the body.


Carrot juice is high in essential vitamins which helps to detoxify your body and prevent acne. It also has nutrients that aids in reducing skin related problems like eczema rashes, and dermatitis. Drinking Be well regularly helps to increase your skin's resistance to sun damage because of beta-carotenoids found in carrot juice. These beta-cartenoids also help to slow down the aging process. This is because beta-caretene is converted into vitamin A in the body which reduces cell degeneration, and improves the amount of collagen in the body, keeping it firm. Thus reducing visible signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin.

Not only will carrots in our Be Well improve your skin but it also makes your hair long and healthy. It prevents dandruff and aids in hair growth, from the inside out.

If you want naturally shiny strong nails, carrots will help. Brittle nails is often the result of vitamin A deficiency. Carrot juice is like a vitamin supplement that boosts your vitamin A and strengthens your nails.


Beets have a number of benefits, but a surprising one is that improves your sex drive. Ancients Romans regarded beets as a super food and used it as a primitive Viagra. Research now shows they Romans were on to something. Beets are a rich source source of a mineral called boron that is directly linked to the production of sex hormones. Beets also increase blood flow and boosts you libido.

Another great benefit of beets is that it gives you more energy. A study done by scientists at Wake University showed that people who drank beet juice prior to working out were able to push their work out 16% longer. Nitric Oxide, that is produced in the body when you drink beets, reduces the oxygen cost of low intensity work outs and increases the tolerance to high intensity exercise(1). Thus, B Well is the perfect pre-workout beverage. 


The ginger in our Be Well can do wonders for your hair. Ginger contains chains of fatty acids such as linoleic acid which nourish your hair follicles, keeping it healthy and strong, preventing hair loss. Ginger also has potent antimicrobial properties that help control dandruff. In addition to that, it helps to add moisture to the hair to stop dryness and breakage.


While other foods in the Be Well can help you lose weight, lemon is special because it reduces fat storage as well as boosts your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism helps you burn more calories which helps you lose more weight. It also makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Lemon also helps to get rid of bloat and the unwanted bloat belly.


It's important to note that those who experienced the benefits of our Be Well, drank it regularly (at least twice a week). When it comes to experiencing the advantages of cold pressed juice, consistency is key.


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