Limonade pétillante à la vodka infusée de super-aliments (Disponibles en Alberta)

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Hibiscus Infused Vodka Sparkling Lemonade

Well’s dazzling pink hibiscus lemonade is the new face of the classic vodka cran. We infuse Indian hibiscus - a new flavour darling with mild tartness and berry notes - with a whisper of vodka, organic lemon, and a touch of agave. The result is a splendid,
sassy cocktail perfect for outdoor adventures and girls nights alike.

Take the guess work out of making a mixed drink and enjoy this beauty straight from the can or in a glass over ice.

Charcoal Infused Vodka Sparkling Lemonade


Now introducing the world’s first charcoal infused ready to drink vodka lemonade!

Charcoal works as an antidote to toxins and absorbs thousands of times its weight in heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and gases. It helps to relieve bloating and digestive issues and eliminate bad breath.

Well’s charcoal vodka lemonade has an edgy, dramatic blank ink look and a refreshing lemon taste. Easily enjoyed straight from the can
or poured over ice. Don’t mind if I do.


Spirulina Infused Vodka Sparkling Lemonade

spirulina vodka lemonade 

Please welcome the first spirulina infused ready to drink vodka lemonade!

Superfood spirulina has been growing on Earth for over 3.5 billion years and boasts a unique nutritional profile. Spirulina is detoxifying, helps to increase the growth of probiotics and good microbes in the gut, and is loaded with bio-available iron, protein, vitamins, chlorophyll, and all essential amino acids.

Well’s spirulina vodka lemonade is a striking green colour, and its flavor is pleasingly bright and lemony, sweetened lightly with agave. Enjoy this perfectly crafted cocktail anywhere and make everyone marvel at what’s in your cup!