Well Juicery Guide for Cold and Flu Season

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To help you get through cold and flu season, Well Juicery created a quick juice guide so you can decide which juice is right for you. Read on for more information.

If you are getting sick:

Top Juices: Elixir, OJ, Cayenne Lemonade, Spirulina Lemonade, Charcoal Lemonade,


Citrus can decrease the severity of cold and flu symptoms by boosting your immune system. Also, the ginger and honey in the Elixir Shot and Spirulina  Lemonade are tried and true remedies for colds. You may not be able to avoid cold season entirely, but you won't be as sick for as long. The best time to drink our OJ and superfood lemonades are at the first onset of a cold or flu.

When to drink:

  •  throat feels scratchy
  •   have the sniffles
  •   are fatigued and sluggish
  •   have a slight headache
  •   have a minor stomach ache. However, be sure to drink the juices in this category on an empty stomach if your stomach is upset


If you are sick:

Middle Juices:  B Well, Well Greens, C WellWell Spent,


When you are sick, you need to keep hydrated and nourish your body.  Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are essential to helping your body function and keep healthy.  However, as many of us can relate, your food and fluid intake decreases when you are sick. You may not have much of an appetite or may have trouble keeping food down. Also, having a fever decreases the functions of enzymes, thus compromising your metabolic system. This is one of the reasons why it's recommended to have simple foods when you are sick, like soup or crackers. Cold pressed juices are an excellent option because not only are they gentle on the digestive system, they also flood your body with essential nutrients and enzymes to help you get better.

It's important to note, vitamins do not cure colds. The common cold is caused by a virus. Vitamins do not treat the virus. Instead, they ensure your body maintains functions and prevent more serious conditions caused by vitamin deficiency.

When to drink:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Low on energy
  • Sore throat
  • Low grade fever


If you are getting over a cold/flu:

Bottom Juices: Well Played, Well Hung

You've been through the worst of it and your cold/flu is starting to get better. Now's the time to replenish your electrolytes and boost your energy.  Check out our infograph explaining why it's important to balance your electrolytes.

When to drink

  • Need an energy boost
  •  Minor muscle aches
  • Stomach ache
  • Have been vomiting
  • Have been sweating
  • Still recuperating


Whether you feel a cold coming on, need help getting over one, are need to get back to your daily routine, Well Juices can help. Consider the guide about to help you decide which one is right for you.







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