Warm up with these Cold Pressed Cocktails

Warm up with these Cold Pressed Cocktails

Most people don't associate cold pressed juices with warm cocktails, but Well Juices can be enjoyed throughout the colder seasons. They make great cocktails, holiday drinks, and home remedies.

Non alcoholic

A) The easiest way to enjoy our beverages warm is simply to heat it up. You can do this in three ways.

1. Pour the juice into a pre-heated mug (pre heat by filling mug with boiling water and let stand) 

2. Place the Well bottle in a large mug or bowl filled with hot water and leave for 5 minuets. 

3. Pour juice in a mug and heat in microwave for 30 sec.


B) Add some elixir shot to your favorite herbal tea.


C) Add a bottle of elixir (2.5 oz) to a cup of hot water for a soothing cold remedy. You can also try this with Cayenne lemonade.




Our Well juices make great winter cocktails that can keep you warm and help you ward off a cold. Try some of the recipes below.

1. Spiced Kisses

This easy to make cocktail adds an extra layer of heat on a chilly day. Our Cayenne lemonade speaks for itself, especially warmed up. To compliment its zing, we combined it with the spiced sweetness of spiced rum that is sure to warm you from the inside out.


-1/2 cup heated Cayenne lemonade

-1 ounce spiced rum

-lemon slice


Put Cayenne lemonade in a warm mug, add spiced rum, garnish with lemon 


2. Hot Toddy

The triple combo of lemon, honey and ginger are nature's well known immune booster and can be found in our Elixir shot. Adding it to hot water with some smoky bourbon will help to knock out your cold (or knock you out).


-1/4 cup hot water

-2.5oz Elixir shot

-1 ounce dark rum or bourbon

-slice of lemon


Put elixir shot in a warm mug, add hot water, stir then add rum or bourbon, stir,  drop a slice of lemon into mixture.


3. Firesider

Our Well Played is not only soothing when warmed up, but when paired with the refreshing elixir shot they create the perfect cider substitute. Our adult version uses rye whiskey which compliments the flavors in the elixir. We topped ours with dried apples because they have the consistency of marshmallows, giving you that extra cozy feel.


-8oz warmed Well Played

-1 1/2 ounce warmed elixir shot

-1  1/4 oz rye whiskey

-whip cream

-dried apples or cinnamon stick  


Combine Well played, elixir shot, and whiskey in a tall stemmed mug. Garnish with whip cream and dried apple slices or cinnamon stick


4. Well Played Mimosas

Same old tune playing again? Time to switch things up. We switched out the orange juice with some heated Well Played to reinvent this classic cocktail. The champagne bubbles and sparkling cinnamon-sugar rims make for a lovely presentation that will impress your party guests.


-1 bottle of champagne

-1 cup warm Well Played

 2 tbsp  sugar

-1 tbsp ground cinnamon


Combine sugar and cinnamon on a small plate. Wet the rims of champagne flutes in water  then dip them in cinnamon sugar mixture. Fill champagne flutes 1/4 full with warm well played, then top off with champagne.  


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