Jenna's 6 Day Cleanse Experience

Jenna's 6 Day Cleanse Experience

Our friend Jenna Galloway recently completed a 6 Day Juice Cleanse and shared her experience with us. She provides an in depth recount of her successes and challenges along the way! 

She's the owner and creator of Wymbin Yoga for Kids in Calgary, which has grown from a deep belief that by starting with today's youth, they can begin to change the world. Her Children & Youth yoga studio focuses on providing families with wellness education, movement based classes, and an inclusive community environment. Her studio will be opening in the next few months and will be located under Junction 9 in Inglewood. 

But that's not all, Jenna also runs a not-for-profit foundation called the BEAM Foundation, which stands for Balance. Empower. Action. and Movement. They offer free yoga programs and support to empower youth to make a difference in their community. 

Check out her website for more information and stay connected with the amazing things Jenna is doing for our Community.

Instagram: @wymbin

Now I'll hand it over to Jenna:

WELL-CLEANSED, by Jenna Galloway
Re-Set + Re-Fresh

I’ve always liked New Years because it gives us the feeling of starting fresh, setting new goals or intentions, and really taking a good review of the past year and what you can do in your life to improve so that you are happier and healthier for the exciting year ahead.

It can be really challenging to make healthy changes in your life after years of developing habits. Sometimes it’s that little kick, or a challenge you need that can set you off on the right foot and reset the clock.

I find that a full on CLEANSE- whether it be emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually- of what is existing is exactly what you need to get the ball rolling and start you off on the right foot.

It is so important for us to fuel our bodies with healthy, nourishing sustenance to provide us with energy so that we can stay balanced throughout the day. Giving our bodies a break from processed foods, sugars, caffeine and alcohol can really help us to reset our digestive systems. With this in mind, I decided to dive head-first into a 6-Day Cleanse from Well Juicery.

I’m (literally) not going to sugar coat it- the first couple of days of a cleanse can be the most challenging. As you enter Day One feeling somewhat optimistic about the positive outcomes of the cleanse and you start chugging your first juice, everything seems golden. But as the afternoon hits and your body starts feeling fatigued- craving caffeine, refined sugar, or processed snacks- that’s when reality sets in.

Day One is about overcoming any feelings of backing out. It’s about staying committed to doing something really positive for your body and resisting the urge to give in to any cravings your body may have. This is when the mental shift began for me. I had to re-affirm to myself that I was consciously CHOOSING to do this for my own health, energy, and wellbeing.

Day Two is when I felt the most physical changes from the cleanse. For me, day two was when the detoxifying began. Depending on what and how your body processes food and nutrients, you may develop flu-like symptoms, feel a bit sick, or feel very low energy. This is a time to give your body the rest it needs. Remember - you are re-starting your entire system. You don’t switch off a computer and turn it back on without patiently letting it reboot. Same thing with your body. Give it time to process and work through so you can release whatever you no longer need. (Gross).

Day Three is when I started to feel as if I was gaining back my energy. My thoughts were clearer, my body felt lighter, and I barely craved solid food throughout the day. The remainder of the cleanse, things got easier and towards the end I felt more positive, I was getting better sleep, and I wasn’t craving anything processed. By Day 6 I was ready to continue on my health-kick and started doing my own healthy food prep- (even made raw-zuccini pasta at home- make sure you try Little Tucker’s Zuchinni Puttanesca!!!).

I would highly recommend trying a cleanse to kick-off your New Year! Well Juicery provides lots of delicious options and juice combinations depending on what you are hoping to focus on by completing a cleanse. Their in-house nutritionist, Courtney Laurie, can advise you on what types and combinations of juice are best suited for your level of cleansing.

A 6-Day Cleanse is a big commitment and challenge - Well Juicery offers 1, 2 and 3 day cleanses, which are equally as beneficial to your system and often more manageable with busy and active lifestyles.

A few things I would recommend while completing a cleanse to get the most out of it are:

  1. 3-5 days before cleansing, start cutting out processed foods from your diet, move towards whole, raw fruits, veggies, and grains, and try to reduce caffeine & alcohol. Replacing one or two meals with soups can also help ease your body into a cleanse.
  2. Adopt your favorite tea! Find a (non-caffeinated) tea that you find really enjoyable. Throughout the cleanse, especially in the colder months, you can find comfort in sipping on something warm and yummy when your body is craving processed carbs during the cleanse.
  3. Drink LOTS of water. As your body resets, you need to flush out any toxins that the cleanse is able to release from your body. Getting in the habit of drinking warm water, herbal tea, or warm water with lemon can also help with headaches and tummy aches during the cleanse.
  4. If you REALLY do need to eat something during the cleanse, don’t beat yourself up. DO, however, make a good choice by picking something like a fruit or veggie. Sometimes the crunch of a cucumber can get you through.
  5. When you finish the cleanse, think about trying to continue along a path of ‘clean eating’. Ease into solids with yummy vegetable soups, and try to avoid processed sugars, alcohol and caffeine.

I hope that you feel encouraged to try the Well Juicery Cleanse to help re-set and re-fresh your body for the exciting year ahead!

Jenna Galloway


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