How Cleansing Can Help Control Acne

How Cleansing Can Help Control Acne

I was one of those fortunate kids that didn't suffer from breakouts as a teenager; at least not until 19 and then they seemed to be taking over my life. I tried everything from home remedies to expensive skin care treatments --all with little effect. I just couldn't get control over my acne. I went from having perfect skin to being self conscious everytime I went out. I felt as though people were looking at my acne, not me. Throughout my search for a remedy, I kept asking myself, "what if the issue isn't skin deep?" It turns out I was right.

Many people suffer from adult acne, and while there are several contributing factors for adult acne, studies now show that oxidative stress plays a big role. Oxidative stress is the imbalance of the production of free radicals and antioxidant defenses. For years, people like myself, and even dermatologists, treated acne from the outside assuming the main cause was clogged pores. Now, several studies have shown a correlation between adult acne and oxidative stress. According to Whitney Bowe, MD, a dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology in New York, decreased antioxidant levels are commonly found in adults with acne. These decreased antioxidant levels causes inflammation that effects several parts of the body, including the skin. What's more, these  inflammatory breakouts are more than just teenage pimples; they reveal things about your health. For instance, a pimple on the nose suggests that you should cut back on caffeine and alcohol.

The methods used to treat teen breakouts don't commonly work for adults because the issue is often within the body. After realizing that my acne was health related I took a different approach to attacking my acne. Even though I had always eaten the recommended intake of fruits and veggies and drank plenty of water I still had a damaged gut that resulted in my body struggling to absorb the right amount of nutrients to help combat my oxidative stress. I had to heal my gut in order to improve my skin. I started cleansing.

Cleansing with Well juices did 3 important things that helped me get rid of my acne

1. It boosted my nutrients. Many adults are deficient in at least one vitamin/mineral. It's not just a dietary issue. It could be the way your body breaks down and absorbs food. In my case, my digestive system was not functioning at its best which meant I wasn't getting all the right nutrients to help control my acne. With cleansing, the nutrients bypass the digestive system and go straight to the bloodstream, giving my body that boost of nutrients it desperately needed. All those nutrients were finally able to boost my antioxidants and help control my oxidative stress.

2. It gave my gut a chance to heal. As mentioned above, cleansing bypasses the digestive system which allows your digestive system to rest. This gives your body a chance to eliminate excess toxins that could be causing your acne. Since our digestive system is home to 70% of our immune system, it's important to take care of it. One of the best ways is to give it a break. By giving my gut a chance to relax once a week, I slowly healed my digestive system and inflamed skin.

3. It contributed to an overall healthy lifestyle. Cleansing has psychological benefits which help to improve our health. A number of people who cleanse say it "shifts your mindset." Even though I always ate right, I wasn't always exercising or considering how daily life stress was affecting my health. Once I started cleansing, I began embracing a more holistic approach to my health and began to see big improvements. I had more energy, more mental focus and my skin looked great!

I went from hiding my face to being able to go bare faced with confidence. I no longer struggle with adult acne. If adult acne is something you're struggling with, perhaps it's time to look deep and consider treating it from the inside out.



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